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Capital Available

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Next week we will be meeting with lenders at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) CREF15 convention.  The outlook for available capital is positive and our discussions will be focused on lower interest rates and energy prices. 

According to a recent survey from the Mortgage Bankers Assoc., commercial lenders anticipate growth in 2015. Review the results from the survey below and see why this is a good time to discuss your transaction. 

  • 100% of the top firms expect originations to increase in 2015, with 68 percent expecting an increase of 5% or more.
  • Almost three quarters (72%) expect their own firm’s originations to increase by 5% or more.
  • 83% anticipate a “very strong” appetite among firms to make loans.
  • 50% anticipate a “very strong” appetite among borrowers to take out loans.

For more information login into or view the full press release.

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